Why Business can’t skip Digital Transformation

Today ‘digital’ is the talk of a town. We hear about digital technologies, digital data, digital media, digital transformation, digital marketing. Everyone wants to go digital.

Digital business transformation is happening on a scale and at a speed that managers find both threatening and promising. Digital has transformed how we shop, watch movies, read the news, and make doctor appointments. So to keep up with customer expectations and competitors, businesses need to steadily evolve too.

“Every digital transformation is going to begin and end with the customer” – Marc Benioff

We at BIMBAM believe, the top reasons why any business needs to adopt digital,

  1. Digital innovation is your competitive advantage. Digital have removed geographic barriers to business and opened up massive new markets. “Fail fast, to succeed faster” mindset will keep them relevant in the market.
  2. For customers, it’s all about the user experience. In today’s market, Customers journey dictates your company strategy. Today’s buyers want organizations to treat them as a unique individual and know their personal preferences.
  3. Every company wants their employees be more effective in the growing competition. Digital enables better collaboration, enhanced accessibility to the information and easier training methods.

While digital transformation looks different in every company, digital businesses share some fundamental characteristics:

Agile: An agile business can respond quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats found in its internal and external environments.

Cloud-based: Cloud-based services are economical and agile, allowing businesses to choose the ones that meet their needs and streamline their IT and infrastructure costs.

Data-driven: This includes not only collecting and analyzing data about your customers but measuring what’s happening inside your company too.

Customer-centric: Ultimately, these shifts are all focused on providing better service and a better experience for your customers.

Innovation: Digital businesses are always experimenting and then learning from the outcomes to inform larger changes across the company.

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