What is Extended Reality (XR)?

Major companies are betting on XR to become the next revolutionary computing platform, impacting everything from entertainment to industrial and consumer business. The greatest impact is already seen in medicine, education and retail. So, what is this XR?

Virtual reality (VR) immerses users in a fully artificial digital environment.

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digitally-created content on top of the real world.

Mixed reality (MR) overlays and anchors virtual objects to the real world.

*Augmented virtuality (AV), is a subcategory of mixed reality that bringing real-world objects into virtual worlds where they can be interacted with.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality together – and everything in between that is still be uncovered – is referred to as Extended Reality, or XR for short.

“XR is the next mobile computing platform” – Qualcomm

Businesses have been incorporating Extended Reality (XR) to accelerate their daily work, boost innovation, improve safety and slash costs. XR solutions are already moving out of the R&D labs to become integral parts of larger digital transformations. Bundled with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud, 5G connectivity and block chain, it creates the ultimate playground for revolutionizing current Customer Experience and bringing it to the next level.

From the business strategy perspective – XR should not to be seen as a separate track running alongside your business operations, but rather as an integral part of your Omni channel experience with a possibility to shift easily between the channels.

Bimbam offers various services in XR technology space

1. Immersive Training

2. Virtual Collaboration (includes Social VR, Remote MR, etc.)

3. Interactive Visualization

4. XR Commerce

5. XR Marketing

6. XR Product Design (includes Product Configurator and more)

7. VR Cinema (includes 360 Videos, Virtual Tour etc.)

8. Digital human

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    November 12, 2020 - 6:33 pm

    Very nice article on XR.

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