“When I draw something, I try to build some kind of history into it. Drawing an object that has a certain amount of wear and tear or rust; or a tree that is damaged. I love trying to render not just the object, but what it has been through.” Painting

About the


The BimBam Shop fulfills a longterm dream of providing quality access to the visual arts in a commercial setting to the Greater Mathan’s Creations

We plan to have regular fine arts shows every 2 to 3 months covering media ranging from paintings to ceramics to masks to textile arts! Some pieces will be rotated from our permanent collection, while others will represent participating artists from around the United States and other countries.

Many of the works you can see in the Gallery are available in a variety of sizes and settings, and custom pieces are often available by arrangement. Outside of our regular hours, special showings can be arranged. We are also available for private parties and celebrations.

We hope to offer classes and special tours for youth groups, plus functions for the general community. Contact us for any questions!